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Logo Lanyards are Great Advertising Tools

October 23, 2015 Eddie Keith 0 Comments

The primary use of a lanyard is to carry an identification card. It’s a favorite among students and employees alike because it’s a hassle-free way to hold their ID badges when trying to gain access to a building. It’s also a convenient way to announce that they are authorized to be within the premises. This way, they don’t have to pull up their credential whenever they are walking past a security personnel. These days, however, many businesses and non-profit organizations have taken to using ID necklaces not just for their functionality, but also as a promotional tool.

Logo lanyards are often distributed to employees by the companies they work for. Since these ID laces are worn around the neck, they are quite visible to others, which makes them an effective instrument in generating brand awareness.

Logo lanyards would typically bear the organization’s name and emblem. One benefit of ordering this type of lanyard is that it’s highly customizable. Lanyard manufacturers offer different kinds of materials for the neck strap, like polyester and nylon. There are also different font styles and vast color options. In addition to names and logos, personalized messages can be printed on the ID necklace as well.

There is no shortage of options when it comes to the style either, since there are numerous ways in which texts and images can be imprinted on the lanyard. The style of a woven lanyard, for instance, yields an elegant finish whereas a shoestring lanyard creates a look that is fresh, youthful and cute. A customer can opt for the style that fits his or her taste, purpose and budget.

Logo LanyardsWhen using an ID lanyard as a means to promote a brand, the aesthetics of the necklace is a key factor. For employees who will be meeting customers, a striking lanyard that has the company’s name and emblem would be perfect. These employees are essentially going to advertise the company’s brand. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to come up with a lanyard design that best represents the sensibilities of their company. It would also be beneficial to include a catchy phrase or a short slogan that would generate brand recall among customers.

These laces make for great giveaways as well. It has become a practice for companies to hold trade shows and promotional events. During these occasions, freebies are distributed to guests and potential clients. What makes an ID lace an effective giveaway is that unlike other ornamental keepsakes, it serves a purpose. Badge laces come with attachments that can carry small items such as pens, flash drives, and keys. The use of a lanyard is important to some people, since it helps them keep tiny items they tend lose or misplace. Other attachments that can be connected to a lanyard include miscellaneous items like cellphones, cameras, and water bottles. This is most convenient for individuals who don’t want to carry a purse or a bag to carry their small, essential belongings everywhere they go.

Logo lanyards also play a part in the charitable community. Since they are customizable, ID necklaces can be designed to represent a charitable organization. ID necklaces bearing the colors, logos, and names of non-profit foundations are used to promote certain causes. These personalized necklaces are also presented as merchandise during fundraisers. This gives the public a means to help and support the causes they believe in by purchasing these customized necklaces.

Logo lanyards make for a great marketing tool; since they have a practical use in everyday life, individuals would want to use them. It’s a great idea for organizations and businesses to take advantage of this dynamic product to help spread the visibility of their brand.

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