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How to Choose a Company that Manufactures Custom Challenge Coins

November 7, 2015 Kenneth Sullivan 1 Comment

If you want to give out unique tokens of appreciation, you should consider custom challenge coins. These coins have been popular since the World War II, and they are currently used by numerous organizations. In addition, these coins are not very expensive so you can order as many as you need. Giving away challenge coins can significantly improve your relationship with your team members.

custom challenge coinsYou can find a lot of companies that manufacture custom challenge coins online. There are those that manufacture business coins, military coins, award coins, and public service coins, such as EMT coins, police coins, and firefighter coins. Most of them even give discounts and promotional offers for bulk orders. See to it that you go for a company that specializes in a wide range of coins and has already built a solid reputation.

Typically, manufacturers give discounts to customers who order public service and military coins. So if you work with the police department, fire department, EMT, military, public school sector, or government, you can benefit from a discounted rate. You may also enjoy promotional offers for business coins, non-profit coins, private group coins, and charity coins. Many companies also offer discounts for personalized wedding coins.

Of course, quality should be your number one priority. Your coins are useless if they cannot last for years. Choose a company that offers excellent image details, numerous coin options, and a large selection of finishes. They should offer superior craftsmanship. The coins should look great and last for a long time. Their polished finishes must be exceptional and their antique finishes plated.

The company should be able to adjust to the budgets of their customers as well. If you cannot afford expensive coins, you can ask to see their selection of low cost metals. High quality metals generally produce top quality custom challenge coins. Nonetheless, there are also good quality metals that are not that expensive. If you prefer luxury, you can go for solid silver and gold coins.

Before you finalize your order, see to it that you also decide whether to choose hard enamel or soft enamel. Companies that manufacture custom challenge coins can offer both processes, but a lot of companies prefer hard enamel for their coins. Many people think that soft enamel colors will peel off and flake over time. It is important for you to know the difference between the two, so you can choose which one to use.

The hard enamel process involves forming the coins from a mold and stamping their design into a metal alloy, such as brass. Through stamping, the coins are designed and shaped. Recessed and raised areas are created through this process. The recessed areas are colored and filled with hard enamel until they are at the same level as the raised areas. Then, the coins are baked at high temperatures and polished using a special wheel to ensure that the metal and colors are flush.

The hard enamel process results in coins that are smooth and shiny. The recessed and raised areas are no longer visible. The soft enamel process, on the other hand, is similar to the hard enamel process except that the coins are not polished. They also do not have recessed areas that are filled with enamel. With the soft enamel process, the coins are colored by adding colors to the area that is slightly underneath the raised area.

So contrary to popular belief, soft enamel coins are not inferior to hard enamel coins. Hard enamel coins look great and are more expensive, but soft enamel coins are also good. The surface of soft enamel coins captures light that enhances their design. They also do not flake, degrade, or peel easily unless the company who manufactured them is not well equipped or experienced.

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