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June 6, 2017

Personalized Neurological Services: A More Creative and Personal Way of Remembering the Departed

Say goodbye to the traditional method of wake services offered by funeral homes as some baby boomers are setting a new trend in this industry over the past decade. While unconventional baby boomers opted to have a very simple and eco-friendly practice in the form of “green burial”, there are some who want to try something different. It is not just a basic customization but an extreme personalization of their burial services.

Open caskets and cremation are two of the usual choices for a departed loved one –

These times, the scope of services that funeral industries bring to the table are quite strange and increasing in number. It is because of the compounding high costs of the usual services offered by these industries especially when the death rate of 9 per 1,000 people in the United States remained constant; not to mention that funerals, at this point, only increased their number by just half of a percent per year.


In order to live up to the expectations in their products and services, funeral directors thought of ways on how to focus on burial customization. While some offerings include a wide variety of customized caskets, some attempted to incorporate a live Internet video streaming of the actual neurological services. For those who want to have a more creative and permanent offerings, several industries came up with services that can transform the departed’s ashes into a form of art work, artificial coral reefs or even into jewelries.

One company called Eternally Yours offered to recycle one’s ashes into a colorful painting or collage. Depending on the art work’s size and quantity of ashes used, the cost usually ranges from $350 to $950. A Chicago based company, Life Gem Memorials, promised to turn one’s ashes into a carbon-based patented artificial diamond for anything which costs around $2,300 to $13,000. If someone wants to create a living legacy through environmental causes, then he can consider the services of Eternal Reefswill by actually blending the ashes into an artificially-created coral reef.

But how about those who will mourn during the ceremonies? Stuffy, cookie-cutting ceremonies serve as a welcome departure. This personalization answered the needs of customers who want to put a little pressure on these industries to come with something creative and more personal.

While the above mentioned companies offer customized services that mainly focus on the corpse’s disposal method, some companies also offer customizable caskets to interested individuals. As the largest company selling customized caskets in the United States, Batesville Casket Co. is offering hundreds of casket models that are available in 12 materials in various colors and degree of luster. There are available caskets with upholstered interiors covered with information about the departed’s profession as well as his faith and interests.

If an individual is one of those hardcore sports fans, his casket can be emblazoned with the logo of his favorite team. Even race car fanatics can opt to have a Ferrari-shaped casket as their final resting place.

Aiming for creativity to run free in the wake room?

That’s where Missouri’s The Wade Funeral Home is known for. Encouraging a trend in doing “themed funerals”, they can set-up a particular theme during the wake in order to remind mourners who the departed individual really was. Who wants to have a room filled with fake apple pies and fried chicken buckets? If one really loves eating, then he can try their “Big Mama’s Kitchen” theme. Celebrating a person’s life is the main purpose of funerals anyways.

With the increasing costs of cemetery lots, traditional burial package and cremation process, funeral industries constantly find new ways to transform their traditional forms of service into something unique that an individual can afford as his final resting place.


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September 3, 2016

How to Build Stable SEO Career with Chronistsempelis.com

Perhaps, you are curious about the reasons why many people now choose to be in the SEO industry, instead of choosing other typical professions out there. Well, with the advancements in technology these days, we really need to understand the essence of search engine optimization consultants. With the right knowledge, tools, and skills, it is actually easier to achieve online marketing success with a wider client base. If you are interested to learn how SEO consultants work, chronistsempelis.com is here to enlighten you.

Today, we see how SEO is getting recognized as a career across the globe. With unlimited opportunities to work as a consultant for various online businesses, internet marketing strategies are well implemented to get visible results. If you are currently looking for a long-term career, which will give you stable stream of income, then let chronistsempelis.com help you find the profitability in being an SEO consultant. This kind of professional will give you ultimate learning and joy due to the abundance of career opportunities you can get.

Understanding the Essential Factors in SEO

SEO StrategySearch engine optimization is an art and at the same time, science. This is to optimize web pages while making sure that it ranks on Google and other major search engines used around the world. The scientific relation is with the technologies used while the art part is the nature of making creative way to attract people in consuming content online. By familiarizing yourself with this kind of business, you can determine customer behavior to persuade them through marketing campaigns. With the tips provided in chronistsempelis.com, you can even add value to every brand for ultimate effectiveness as a consultant.

The importance role of SEO in speeding up online business growth and scaling up online sales actually makes more opportunities on the internet. To help you appreciate this profession more, here are some of the common reasons why people choose SEO for their career goals:

  •    High demand

With current online marketing needs, SEO has become in demand for business owners; hence, employment opportunities in this field have also increased. Once a website owner experienced growth in their sales, he eventually decides to work with SEO consultants to manage his marketing campaigns on the web properly.

  •    Successful career

With more and more people engaging in SEO work, you are sure to succeed in this line of work. You can search the internet to prove this. There are certain sites to encourage you how practical it is to get involved in the digital marketing industry. For instance, you can check out chronistsempelis.com for more proofs.

  •    Excellent source of income

Professional SEO can give you more than enough income per month. If you work harder and spend more time in this profession, you are sure to boost your revenue in no time. Also, the unlimited business opportunities provided by the internet today will show you to more chances of earning bigger dollars.

Apart from the above mentioned insights, there are more tips to learn if you really want to become a successful SEO strategist in the future. With the steady income enjoyed by SEO practitioners, rest assured that you can improve your potential while increasing your chances of achieving success in this area of expertise. Please feel free to ask us questions if you have any by visiting our website today. We are available to help you start right to make sure that you will be successful in this chosen endeavor. Remember, you need to master various skills in online marketing, so that you can reach the peak of career victory.

Many companies are offering turn-key solution including SEO, web development and web design to meet clients’ needs and expectations. To know more about the fundamental aspects of SEO, you can use our blog available on our site. Become the professional you have always wanted to be by improving your skills and knowledge with chronistsempelis.

March 29, 2016

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